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Appraising Insurance

Your Knowledgeable Insurance Appraiser

If you were preparing for a competition, you'd want the best trainers in the business--people who know all there is to know about the rules on which you might be judged. In the world of insurance claims and coverage, you're always at odds with your carrier on some level. And, just like an opponent in a competition, you want to have every edge possible before you deal directly with an insurance company. That's where Accurate Adjusting and Appraisals PC comes in.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of property claims. Whether it's a warehouse, a home, or a fifty-story building, our team can assess everything inside to give you the best value for your claim. As an experienced insurance appraiser, we have the training and hands-on practice to ensure that you never lose out due to ignorance.

A Go-To Umpire for Insurance Claims

Sometimes, it's hard to find an amount of compensation or coverage that you and your insurance carrier can agree on. In these cases, we can serve as a mediator, putting our renowned honesty and integrity toward an equitable solution that satisfies both sides of a claim while still fighting for as much value as possible for our clients.